Resident supports deputy who shot BooBoo the Bear

This is from the Sept. 11 DAILY BULLETIN:

Although it has been more than a month since a sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a black bear in San Antonio Heights’ residents continue to share their opinions about the incident.

San Antonio Heigthts’ resident Herb Rosenzweig contends the San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy was keeping residents safe.

“It wasn’t a pet that was shot. It wasn’t reckless on the part of the deputy,” Rosenzweig said. “The deputy felt there was some danger.”

A couple weeks ago, Rosenzweig attended a community meeting to discuss the July 29 shooting of the black bear on the Upland side of 24th Street. Sheriff’s Department, state Game, and Inland Valley Humane Society officials as well as residents attended.

“I’m not a hunter. I’ve never gone hunting. I love animals, I really do,” Rosenzweig said. “We have a dog and cat at home. I’ve always had animals from the time was young. I’m an animal lover plain and simple, but a bear is not a pet.”

Rosenweig said he did not appreciate that the bear eventually took on a name — “Boo Boo.”

“Now they’re losing a friend when they shoot the bear, and the bear is capable of doing a lot of damage,” Rosenwieg said. “The bear could be perfectly tame, but he did not belong in a residential area. The Heights is still a residential area.”


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