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Wounded red-tailed hawk found in Pasadena gets a new lease on flight

Harry the Hawk had a mangled wing when he was found outside the Pasadena Senior Center. After recuperating at a wildlife facility, he was set free. During his short stay, Harry brightened many lives at the senior center.  

Michael Hayes wasn’t sure what to do when an injured red-tailed hawk dropped in on the Pasadena Senior Center  (Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times)

When I got to the end of this heartwarming LA Times story, I choked up a little, had a tear in my eye: “Landing on a branch, the bird opened his newly healed wings wide for all to see.”

Speculation is that crows attacked Harry, damaging his wing. Damn crows! (To be fair, the crows may have been protecting their nests. Still…).

See my recent post, What’s In A Word: Stone the Crows, on the dastardly nature of crows and how their bad behavior gave rise to the expression stone the crows, an exclamation of incredulity or annoyance.  

Vulture helps woman through hard times

Shannon Carter feels fortunate she’s had creativity and resourcefulness to rely on during hard times. When her husband’s work in building ran out the family grocery budget fell to just $35 a month.

Shannon started raising her own food and scrounging in abandoned houses for supplies. She also started some new ventures on eBay.

Adding to her responsibilities, Shannon took in an abandoned vulture chick – who helped her out in unexpected ways.

Shannon milking her goat, supervised by her dog and vulture

The goat supplied milk and cheese. The vulture helped put meat on the table by sharing donations for its benefit with Shannon’s family. And a 30-lbs. tortoise was responsible for abundant free vegetables, also donated.

Shannon didn’t get by just on handouts to her pets. Because of her creativity, sense of humor, and irrepressible positive attitude, Shannon’s eBay ventures often bring in hundreds of dollars.

During the vulture’s stay, the bird would help drive bidding on eBay by posing in photos with Shannon’s eclectic products. But that’s just one way the vulture enriched Shannon’s life.

Yes, it’s an amazing tale, and you can hear Shannon herself tell it  on the public radio show The Story.

If only there were more people like Shannon Carter and Michael Hayes!

Owl makes quite an impression

Sally Arnold returned from vacation to discover the imprint of an owl on her window.

“Fortunately, there was no sign of the bird,” Sally says, “and we can only assume that it had flown away, probably suffering from a headache.”

The owl’s “powder down,”  a protective substance on new feathers, created the image on the window. (Photo: Sally Arnold)

Sally lives in England. Here’s the report from BBC News.

Apparently a bird smashing into your window and leaving its imprint is not that uncommon in the UK. The BBC has more bird imprint photos sent in by readers of Sally’s story. BBC News – Bird imprints: Your pictures

Just came across a terrific photo of a great gray owl…

Great Gray Owl – Dunrobin, Ontario, Canada. Photographer is Jim Cumming

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