Flashman’s Words To Live By

A selection of Flashman quotes from Michael F. Dilley

You may think it strange, knowing me, that even in the hellish mess I found myself, with the shadow of horrible death hanging over me, I could think ahead so clearly. Well, it wasn’t that I’d grown any braver as I got older – the reverse if anything – but I’d learned, since my early days, that there’s no point in wasting your wits and digestion blubbering over evil luck and folly and lost opportunities. I’ll admit, when I thought how close I’d been to winning clear, I could have torn my hair – but there it was. However fearful my present predicament, however horrid the odds and dangers ahead, they’d get no better with being fretted over. It ain’t always easy, if your knees knock as hard as mine, but you must always remember the golden rule: when the game’s going against you, stay calm – and cheat.
Flashman at the Charge

If life has taught me anything at all, it’s how to keep my countenance in the presence of strong, authoritative men whose rightful place is in a padded cell. I’ve known a power of them, to my cost, and Alick Gardner’s a minor figure in a list that includes the likes of Bismarck, Palmerston, Lincoln, Gordon, John Charity Spring, M.A., George Custer, and the White Raja, to say nothing of my beloved mentor, Dr. Arnold, and my old guv’nor (who did end his days in a blue-devil factory, bless him). Many of them men of genius, no doubt, but all sharing the delusion that they could put any proposal, however lunatic, to young Flashy and make him like it. There’s no arguing with such fellows, of course; all you can do, if you’re lucky, is nod and say: “Well, sir, that’s an interesting notion, to be sure – Just before you tell me more about it, would you excuse me for a moment?” and once you’re round the corner, make for the high ground.
Flashman and the Mountain of Light


Brigadier Sir Harry Paget Flashman,
V.C.; K.C.B.; K.C.I.E.; Queen’s Medal;
Chevalier, Legion of Honour; US Medal
Of Honor; San Serafino Order of Purity
And Truth, Fourth Class


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