Giant Potato On the Move in L.A.

Screenshot via Idaho Potato Commission

It’s not the largest item to get hauled around the streets of Los Angeles, but that massive 6-ton, 28-foot-long potato that was hanging out in Pasadena earlier this week (next to a giant fork, of course) will be on the move again today in L.A. as it makes its way to the Original Farmers’ Market for a weekend of fall fun.

Created for the Idaho Potato Commission, the giant potato is due to hit the road in Huntington Beach at 2 p.m. today, according to City News Service. The potato is being transported via a customized truck, but, unlike last Friday’s haul of the space shuttle Endeavour, will not require closed roads or trees to come down.

The potato’s scheduled route is the 405 Freeway north to the 10 Freeway to Fairfax. The spud is due to arrive at around 3 p.m. at the Farmers’ Market at Third and Fairfax, where it will stay put for the weekend for the venue’s 78th Annual Fall Festival.

via The Giant Potato Will Be On the Move Today in L.A.: LAist.

LA hauls in new monuments

First, this spring, the LA County Museum of Art hauls a massive, 340-ton boulder from the desert near Riverside to LACMA’s new art installation, called Levitating Mass.

The museum is next door to the famous La Brea Tar Pits (one of my favorite LA attractions), and not far from Beverly Hills.

Over the course of 12 nights, the granite rock, slung from a giant transporter, moved at 8 mph along a winding 105-mile route to LA.

I joined the crowds gawking at the rock when it stopped for the day near my home. I wondered, “What’s the attraction? It’s just a big rock.” Wrapped in protective plastic, you could only see its shape.

But I was overwhelmed by the sheer logistics of moving such a massive object.

It reminded me of the ancient Egyptians building the pyramids.

The teardrop-shaped, two-stories-high rock is so heavy and bulky it took a specially built flatbed trailer the length of a football field to transport. 

Was I like the Egyptian peasants, thinking that the rich & powerful were mad, that all the resources spent hauling massive stones around could be put to much better use making life better for the suffering underclass?

But I guess man does not live by bread alone, and the poor will always be among us. Art lifts our spirits and feeds a deeper hunger, or so I’m told.

Then last week the nearly 300,000-lbs. space shuttle Endeavor creeps along the boulevards of south LA — where “the snakes hang low,” life is difficult and most people live in poverty — in a three-day trip from LAX to the California Science Center in downtown LA. (see following post).

Now we have a 6-ton potato moving 30 or 40 miles — this time along LA freeways and not side streets — to the Original Farmers Market, smack dab in the center of Los Angeles, close to the museum where the gargantuan rock guards the entrance to the art museum and the fake wooly mammoths flounder in the bubbling tar pits.

I have to say that the Farmers Market is my all time favorite LA attraction. A Sunday afternoon spent at the Farmers Market is about as good as life gets. If you were to ask me, what terrorist attack in LA would most piss you off? my first thought would be the Farmers Market.

A giant potato, with huge slabs of butter and dozens of gallons of sour cream & chives …  the incredible food stalls at the Farmers Market, just thinking of the scrumptious smells makes my mouth water … now that satisfies hunger! You can’t eat a giant rock or a space shuttle.

How are they going to bake that giant potato?

Click for LA Times story on the Original Farmers Market

See my Oct. 13 post ENDEAVOR’S LA JOURNEY

2 thoughts on “Giant Potato On the Move in L.A.

  1. Becky Glass says:

    I go almost every Saturday to the Eveleigh Farmer’s Market for my grocery shopping. Some months ago I decided to shift from buying produce in the supermarket because I agree with every argument that has being said in defence of farmers markets: that buying local and most of the times organic produce is a great way to improve our health and the health of the planet. I do find differences between the supermarket and organic versions of several foods, not only in flavour but also in how long they stay fresh. That is a pretty good sign that they have more anti-aging components that will end up in your body when you eat them.

  2. Steve says:

    Yet Another Giant Object to Be Moved Through LA’s Streets

    LA’s giant-object-moving trend lives on in 2013! Last year, we saw the inspiring journeys of the space shuttle Endeavour and the enormous LACMA boulder, and now Chevron plans to move “six massive coke drums within the next few weeks from Redondo Beach King Harbor to its El Segundo refinery,” reports the Daily Breeze. The drums (used in some refinery process, and having nothing to do with either Coca-Cola or cocaine, as far as we can tell) are 500,000 pounds each, 28 feet across, and 100 feet long, and will travel in pairs on four and a half miles of South Bay streets starting the nights of February 20, February 27, and March 6.

    As we know by now, you can’t move a giant object through the streets of Los Angeles without a few disruptions: Chevon will have to trim trees along Rosecrans and on the Sepulveda median (but no tree removals!); they’ll also have to move and remove power lines and traffic signals and remove and replace parts of street medians. Chevron intends to reimburse all the cities involved for any public safety expenses.

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