Endeavour’s L.A. journey

One of the greatest spectacles in the history of Los Angeles is underway!
The parade of the space shuttle Endeavor through the city is as magnificent and awe-inspiring as the grand triumphs of the Caesars in Ancient Rome. Crowds of people cheer Endeavor as the shuttle, still bearing the scars from its travels through outer space, crawls through neighborhoods and business districts, dwarfing everything in its path. “Not a once-in-a-lifetime event, a ONCE event!”


LOS ANGELES — At every turn of Endeavour’s stop-and-go commute through urban streets, a constellation of spectators trailed along as the space shuttle ploddingly nosed past stores, schools, churches and front yards.

LA Times photo

Having escaped out of Earth’s atmosphere two dozen times, Endeavour’s slow-speed trek Saturday to its retirement center took it through the working class streets of southern Los Angeles.

In an instant, the shuttle crossings became part of history.

Along the 12-mile course, people marveled at the engineering. Some rooted for Endeavour when it appeared it might clip a light post. Others wondered if it could just hurry up to its destination, the Science Center museum in downtown LA.

Great photos at (2) Endeavour’s two-day L.A. journey.

Endeavor crosses the 405 Frwy at Manchester, towed by a pick-up truck (Toyota flimed a commercial of its Tundra pick-up truck hauling the 300,000 lbs. shuttle across the freeway overpass). Over the shuttle’s left wing is the famous giant doughnut atop Randy’s Donuts! LA Times photo

Yumm! Donuts! You have to be a true Angeleno to appreciate this photo: to remember seeing the giant donut as a kid and to have logged way too many hours on the 405, a perpetually traffic-clogged freeway. This is so LA!


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