California voted least-liked of states

Surf. Sun. Disneyland. What’s not to love about California?

Well, apparently, a lot of things. A poll released Tuesday by Public Policy Polling showed that California was the least popular state in the United States.

Only 27 percent of Americans hold a favorable view of the Golden State compared to the 44 percent who view it unfavorably.

The gap of 17 points puts California far behind Illinois (19 favorable, 29 not) and New Jersey (25 favorable, 32 not) as the least liked state in America.

The top three spots go to Hawaii (54 percent positive), Tennessee (48 percent) and Colorado (44 percent).


Really? California is the least liked state? More detested than über-corrupt Illinois and friggin’ New Jersey, home to Snooki and thousands of her ilk?

Americans prefer crapholes like Mississippi, Arkansas and West Virginia to California?

Tennessee? In the top-three admired states? You’ve got to be kidding. That’s insanity. The people who responded to this poll must be the same folks who elected George W. Bush president twice.

And Florida? Texas? More admired than California? Don’t get me started.

OK, get me started: “If I owned Texas and Hell, I’d rent out Texas and live in Hell.”  General Phillip Sheridan

The general said that back in the nineteenth century, and it’s still true today. I would rather live in Serbia or Zimbabwe than Texas.

As for Florida, I won’t even waste energy telling you about the wall-to-wall morons who live in flat, humid Flori-duh.

Aspen, Colorado

I have no problem with Colorado ranking near the top of the list.

I wish I lived in Colorado. So would you if you ever visited Colorado.

We can’t all live in Colorado, though.

I’m not saying that California belongs at the top of the list. We just don’t belong in the basement.

The poorly written news article from the San Francisco Chronicle implies that it’s Southern California — our signature surf, sun and Disneyland — that Americans devalue. NorCal narcissists are unable to fathom that anyone could possibly be unimpressed with them

What’s so great about LA and SoCal? Check out what the locals think at Vintage LA and Hidden Los Angeles on Facebook.

Click to enlarge. Source: Stacy Penfold, Hidden Los Angeles

Steve has the unofficial response of Southern Californians to this poll:


One thought on “California voted least-liked of states

  1. Steve says:

    From the Wall Street Journal, April 20, 2012

    Joel Kotkin: The Great California Exodus

    A leading U.S. demographer and ‘Truman Democrat’ talks about what is driving the middle class out of the Golden State.

    “California is God’s best moment,” says Joel Kotkin. “It’s the best place in the world to live.” Or at least it used to be.

    Mr. Kotkin, one of the nation’s premier demographers, left his native New York City in 1971 to enroll at the University of California, Berkeley. The state was a far-out paradise for hipsters who had grown up listening to the Mamas & the Papas’ iconic “California Dreamin'” and the Beach Boys’ “California Girls.” But it also attracted young, ambitious people “who had a lot of dreams, wanted to build big companies.” Think Intel, Apple and Hewlett-Packard.

    Now, however, the Golden State’s fastest-growing entity is government and its biggest product is red tape. The first thing that comes to many American minds when you mention California isn’t Hollywood or tanned girls on a beach, but Greece. Many progressives in California take that as a compliment since Greeks are ostensibly happier. But as Mr. Kotkin notes, Californians are increasingly pursuing happiness elsewhere.


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