Steve Has Writer’s Block!

My brain is constipated. I know what I want to say, but I can’t seem to get the words out, to finish the job.

I’m stalled on several posts I’ve been writing forever (or at least the last three months).

Here’s what I’m working on, ever so slowly . . .

What’s In A Word: Chico, the Barking Spider
Definition of barking spider: What farts are blamed on when there is no dog available.

My friend John Gallanos didn’t invent the barking spider excuse, but he did name the barking spider Chico. Someone farts, just say “Chico!”

I reminisce about John, now 20 years gone (included in my memories are surfing in El Salvador, a close encounter with a shark, and John playing the piano at Santa Monica’s Fox Inn, home of Foxy, The World’s Fastest Beer Drinker).

More about farts, including a restriction on public farting placed on US Marines in Afghanistan. Afghans are not amused by Chico.

See my page, For Marines in Afghanistan: be careful where you fart 

A new posting about Homonym, Homophones, and Other Confusingly Similar Words

With such words as aye/eyeI,  boarder vs. border, hair/hare/heir. A really great list with homonyms I bet you’ve never thought of.

Then eye… excuse me, I… I digress  into puns. Got a list of great puns that show up in business slogans, like the radiator shop: A Great Place To Take A Leak, the electrician: Let me remove your shorts, and the gynecologist: Dr. Jones At Your Cervix.

I’m working on a great list of business slogan puns.

Puns, of course, depend on homophones and confusingly similar words.

A new post under my blog’s category of Nicely Said
When I come across something I think is particularly well written or well said, or that I admire for the writer’s creative choice of words, effective syntax, and clarity of thought, I like to share them with you.

This one starts with a great quote from The Social Animal by David Brooks:

“We are emotional beings with a cognitive side, not cognitive beings with an emotional side.”

And includes a startling excerpt from WAR by Sebastian Junger, a gripping book on an American platoon’s experience in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, and  something about angry fish in America’s aquariums as a metaphor for our nation’s obesity epidemic.

But I do tie it all together rather nicely, at least as far as I got.

It’s not the fish, it’s the aquarium… change the aquarium!

Fight the obesity epidemic by changing the social and emotional environment, not demonizing individuals.

It would help if I focused on just one post and finished it, instead of trying to write three posts at a time.

I’m also my wife’s caregiver, and Lizzie is having a difficult time now. Hasn’t left me much time for writing. And Lizzie’s suffering weighs on my mind.

Help Steve Focus. Help Him Squeeze Something Out.

So few people comment (or visit this blog), your opinion will carry tremendous weight.

There, I’ve empowered you. And you didn’t even have to camp out and Occupy Steve of Upland!

While you’re at it, you could also send well wishes to Lizzie. I’ll pass your message along. She’d like that. Lizzie rarely gets to talk to anyone except me and her doctors.

In the meantime, for all you word lovers, my sister Bonnie sent me a link to an entertaining, very creative blog, Hyperbole and a Half.

This post on Hyperbole and a Half cleverly illustrates a common grammatical mistake — condensing the phrase a lot down to one word, alot.  Take a look, it’s alot of fun!

You could also click at the top of the column to the left and see all my postings for Homonyms, Homophones, and Other Confusingly Similar Words.

I’m going to check on Lizzie. Then I’m going to my library, sit down, and  see if I can do something about my mental constipation. Maybe Chico will show up to help, who knows? Cheers!

One thought on “Steve Has Writer’s Block!

  1. I can’t remember exactly how I got here. It started with a search for something about the word “alright.” Then I clicked interesting links here and there until I ended up on your site.
    I am pleased my mad clicking led me here.
    I’ve been here more than an hour and I will return. What fun.
    I am sorry that more people don’t comment.
    This is great!

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