Bear essentials provided at meeting –

1bear31-thumbMore about BooBoo’s killing last month. Thursday evening, Aug. 20, San Antonio Heights residents had a community meeting about the shooting of a young black bear that had been hanging around the foothill community the last couple of months. An unnamed sheriff’s deputy fired the shots that ended the life of the bear some residents had nicknamed BooBoo.

From the article:

‘Residents at the meeting were given ideas of how to prevent bears from becoming neighborhood regulars, such as keeping trash secure until the morning of garbage day and eliminating food sources.

The death of the bear could have been a result of the bear’s love of the residents’ garbage, officials said.

“We can occasionally dart (bears) and move them around, but the only thing we have control over is the people,”  Stefanak said.’

Bear essentials provided at meeting –

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UPDATE: The controversy over BooBoo’s killing continues into September. Here is an article from the Sept. 11 issue of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin that sheds new light on BooBoo’s death, but doesn’t, in my mind, resolve whether this was a justified shooting or not.

Resident supports deputy who shot ‘Boo Boo”

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